Fish Creek Rec Centre

Location: Calgary, AB

During the early 2000s, Domoslai Designs drafted all components of the South Fish Creek Complex which includes a gymnasium, meeting room, twin arenas, YMCA, and a public library. Domoslai also drafted the expansion of the twin arenas by adding two more arenas in 2010.

The original twin arenas at the South Fish Creek Complex opened to the public in January 2001 and have been providing recreational and educational opportunities to the community at a feverish pace since. One year after the opening of the arenas, they opened their 6000 square foot gymnasium. Through a unique and collaborative effort with one of their Partners, the Calgary Catholic School district, they are able to utilize the Bishop O'Byrne High School gymnasiums when they are not used by the school. This additional gymnasium space allows them to better serve the recreational needs of the community.

The South Fish Creek Recreation Association (SFCRA) offers a complete range of recreational programs to the citizens of Calgary. To date, the community has benefited from a wide variety of structured and unstructured gym and ice programs, home schooling lessons, as well as sports, cooking, language and arts and crafts programs.