Welcome to Domoslai Designs Ltd.

In 2001, Peter Domoslai, the founder and CEO of Domoslai Designs Ltd., recognized that there was a need in the construction industry. He realized that there were a number of steel fabricators that did not have in-house drafting, and needed this service. Hence, Domoslai Designs Ltd. was born. However, the"why" to start this company extended far beyond a need to provide a service for steel fabricators.  Peter's vision was to provide a service that came as close as possible to that of a fabricator's employees. As Domoslai Designs Ltd. grew, and with each new client, our goal has always been consistent - we get to know the owners and staff behind their company's success, and the standards, best practices, policies and guidelines that they use in their fabrication process. Having knowledge about a company's mission, staff, policies and guidelines allows for work to seamlessly proceed, with little retraining of a new drafting company with each new project. In the end, this allows our company to be efficient, effective and accurate.

How do we do what we do?

Firstly, we use the latest technology from Tekla, which matches the in-house technology of our customers. Knowing that not all jobs are best drafted using Tekla, we also use AutoCad when best needed. Our dedicated, enthusiastic team is sensitive to construction schedules and timelines, and we have the flexibility to meet challenging deadlines. Our team's experience also extends beyond drafting at a computer. We have worked for fabrication companies, and are comfortable on-site providing our expertise as needed. Drawings can be couriered, e-mailed, or accessed via an FTP account. Additionally, we have an in-house engineer, so stamped drawings can be part of the service if required.

Accurate ~ Timely ~ Enthusiastic

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We also know that helping our clients succeed extends beyond drafting. Therefore, we support our clients' charitable causes, sponsor their staff appreciation events, and attend their staff functions. And, creating templates specific to their company, utilizing their professional logo on their drawings, and keeping a folder of their standards allows that seamless transition from client to us, then back again.

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What do we provide?

We provide structural steel design drawings, and have the capabilities to handle small (including miscellaneous) work up to large projects in the public, commercial and industrial sectors. We are meticulous in our drawing accuracy, and diligent with the presentation of assembly drawings. X-steel also gives us the ability to provide material lists, Fabtrol reports and CNC/NC1 outputs to increase your productivity.

How do we measure success?

We succeed when our clients succeed. Being part of your "team", knowing your standards, and doing our best to be your in-house drafting team is why we do what we do. Excellence in structural steel detailing- that has been our mission from the beginning, and we stand proudly behind each and every project we have done.

Please browse our website to learn more about our company and some of our completed projects. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients.

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